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Hello! and thanks for visiting Wavefoundry! . Wavefoundry was initially started on Instagram a year ago in 2021 and thanks to you guys, we have steadily grown to more than 17,000 followers within a year!


Wavefoundry is run by me Vasanth David. I started my musical career way back in 2002 as a music producer and audio engineer after completing my degree in recording technology at SAE. Learning about Latest Audio Gear and Exploring New Plugins have always interested me.Sharing this exploration with the community is even more joyful! The purpose of starting my Instagram, YouTube channel and the Website is to share information regularly on latest audio gear, free plugins and deals that would help other fellow music producers like myself ! 


I hope you find this website and my other social media profiles useful, and do consider sharing them with your friends and fellow musicians. 


Show Me Your Support.

Wavefoundry is fully run by me. If you appreciate what I do here, please consider donating via Buy me a Coffee or Paypal. This would hugely help and encourage me to continue doing what I do. 

Thanks and much love!

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