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60% off “Hand Clap Studio” by Robotic Bean.

Bring the energy and excitement of live handclaps to your music production with “Hand Clap Studio”. This advanced audio plugin offers a wide range of natural-sounding claps and snaps to perfectly fit any genre or style.

Whether you’re looking for soft and dry finger snaps for your acoustic ballad, or hard-hitting claps soaked in reverb for your next club banger, “Hand Clap Studio” delivers!

Upgrade your productions and add the dynamic touch of live handclaps today with “Hand Clap Studio”.


  • Four Clap Types: Basic, Bright, Soft & Snap

  • 5 Velocity Layers and 13 Round Robins

  • Close, Room and Echo Chamber microphones

  • Up to 8 Clappers

  • Display with Clapper and Room visualisation

  • 16 step sequencer with 2 patterns

  • 3 Accent Levels per sequencer step

  • EQ and Compressor

System Support

▷ Windows 7 or higher (64-bit)

▷ macOS 10.13 or higher (Silicon supported)

▷ Plugin Format: VST3, AU or AAX host

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