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Akai - Releases MPK Mini Plus

Akai's New MPK Plus is the next updated version to Mini MK 2 3 Controller, That was launched back in 2020.

The new AKAI MPK Mini Plus is a 37-key controller which adds an extra octave to its predecessor along with Akai's 2nd Gen 2 velocity sensitive Keybed

The Eight velocity-sensitive RGB-backlit MPC Drum Pads can not only be used to create those awesome grooves, It can also help you assign program changes and trigger additional CC parameters.

The 8 assignable 360 rotary knobs can be used to assign filters, pan controls and more to add automation to your arrangements.

The Mini Plus also has a two track in-built polyphonic sequencer that can enable users to use the sequencer in both Live and Step Modes. The chord mode in mini plus will enable you to play multiple notes and also create inversions and the scale mode will let you use the mini plus key-bed to create user scales to the notes you set.

The Akai Mini Plus offers USB and 5 -Pin MIDI Connectivity.The three CV/Gate outputs along with CV Clock inputs and outputs are also provided.

For even more expression, assign parameters to the Joystick’s X/Y axis and morph between effects to create unique and interesting textures in your productions. Assign up to 4 parameters to the Joystick right from the keyboard itself.

The Mini Plus also comes Included with Its powerful MPC Beats software DAW, based on the legendary MPC hardware.

The Akai MPK Plus is Now Priced at $169

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