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Apogee Launches Boom ! With On-Board DSP

Boom is an entry level 2in2 Out USB-C Sound Card.With its Symphony ECS Channel Strip Tuned by the legendary Engineer Bob Clear Mountain you will get to add the warmth and the analog sound with 3-band EQ, compression, and Drive.

Boom offers one 1/4-inch instrument input and one combi mic/line/instrument input. The Mic Preamp has noiseless gain of 62db along with apogee's pristine A/D Convertors you will be sure to get professional sounding recordings!

Apogee Control 2 software gives you complete access to all BOOM functions and features including the Symphony ECS Channel Strip FX running on BOOM’s hardware DSP.

Boom is compatible with PC, Mac and USB-C-equipped iOS devices, and can also connect to the Lightning connector using an adapter. As well as the Apogee Control software, it ships with Ableton Live Lite and the Apogee Soft Limit plugin.

Its Currently priced at $299/£329/₹28,000/-

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