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Arturia Announces Four New Products.

The French Music Hardware and Software Developer Hosted Rendez-Vous, a special livestream event on october 18th, where they showcased four new and exciting products.

The First one in the Line up is Minilab 3.After three years of Minilab II This little USB controller gets a facelift with faders,OLED display,25 velocity sensitive mini keys, Eight RGB Pads which are velocity and pressure sensitve, Pitch and Modulation touch Strip Pads.

Minilab III is priced at $109

Mini Fuse 4 is a compact desktop USB audio interface, great for Home and Mobile recording setups.

It Features two mic/line/instrument preamps and two line/instrument inputs. Minifuse 4 will also give you the ability to record upto 192Khz. In terms of Monitoring it includes two front-panel headphone jacks with independent volume controls, four line outputs for driving two sets of studio monitors or routing audio to outboard gear.

You also get a traditional 5-pin MIDI DIN I/O connections which would help you if your looking connect your old school hardware units.

Complete Features

▷ Portable, bus-powered 4-in/4-out USB-C audio interface

▷2 mic/instrument/line combo preamps with phantom power

▷2 line/instrument inputs

▷2 headphone outputs with independent volume controls

▷2 USB hub connections

▷Traditional 5-pin MIDI DIN I/O for synths, drum machines, and MIDI-enabled processors

▷Supplementary USB-A Hub reduces clutter, supporting any USB-A device up to 250mA per port

▷1 stereo virtual loopback channel for capturing computer audio — great for content ▷creators!

▷Supports 44.1/48/88.2/96/192kHz sample rate

▷Fully USB 2.0 compatible

MiniFuse 4 is Priced at $219

Augmented GRAND PIANO delivers a multitude of expressive, contemporary, and abstract piano sounds, beautifully recorded, fused with cutting-edge synthesis, and brought to life with powerful modulation & expression tailor-made for modern composers & producers.

Augmented Piano is priced at $99

To Celebrate the Launch, Arturia is offering exclusive prices on Augmented GRAND PIANO, TRIO, STRINGS and AUGMENTED VOICES $199

MiniFreak is Hybrid polyphonic Synthesiser That features two digital sound engines, analogue filters, a 37-note keyboard, built-in stereo effects, and a wide range of modulation and sequencing abilities.The freak also boasts six voice polyphonic, 12 voice paraphonic ,monophonic and unison configurations

Complete Features

▷6-voice polyphonic hybrid synthesizer ▷37-note velocity-sensitive Slim-key keybed with aftertouch ▷2 sound Engines with 22 oscillator modes in total ▷Engine 2 can be used to process Engine 1 ▷1 envelope per voice ▷1 cycling envelope per voice ▷2 LFOs per voice ▷Polyphonic analog filters and VCAs ▷6-voice polyphonic, 12-voice paraphonic, unison, or mono configuration ▷3 digital FX slots in insert or send mode, with 10 FX to choose from ▷User-customizable LFO curves ▷Mod Matrix with 7 sources and 13 potential destinations ▷OLED display for real-time visual feedback ▷Intuitive 64-step sequencer (4 pages of 16 steps) ▷4 lanes of automated modulation ▷Performance Arpeggiator controls including Ratchet, Octave Randomize, and more ▷MIDI in/out/thru ▷USB connectivity ▷Sustain, audio in, and clock in/out connectivity ▷Stereo outputs ▷256 factory presets ▷256 user preset slots

MiniFreak is Priced at $599

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