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Do i need to update to the new MacOS ?

It's update time of the year with Apple with its latest and greatest MacOS release, OS Ventura! It does have some interesting features like Stage Manager, Update to Safari, Improvement to Spotlight, Continuity Camera and more, but as a music producer, sound engineer or musician, is it really advisable to update to the latest OS? While all these new features can be very enticing for us to update, the more realistic answer is a big NO!

The main reason for you to not update is compatibility. A lot of the third-party plugins we use, like Kontakt, Serum, and Waves, might not be supporting the latest OS. Though Apple sends out the BETA version to the developers to have their software ready for the release in the fall, it almost never happens. It always takes up to a year for companies to have their plugins fully compatible with the OS. Before you hit the update, I would recommend you check with the plugin manufacturer if the plugin is fully compatible with your latest OS

Another point i should add here is that when I say compatible, it just does not mean that your plugin opens and works flawlessly in your DAW, but it also applies to the support your plugin company provides for the plugin you have purchased. Some plugins or hardware might work just fine, but if the company specifies a plugin or a piece of hardware as NOT SUPPORTED, it means that the company will not extend any sort of support or reimbursement to the product if you run into an issue with the plugin or a piece of gear.

While all the bells and whistles of the latest OS might seem enticing to quickly update, a lot, if not all, of the features do not really help with your system performance or your workflow as an engineer or a producer. So, updating just to take advantage of some new features is not a good reason to be updating your system that has been working fine !

If you still feel and are willing to take the risk of updating, I would highly recommend you take a full TimeMachine backup of your system and then go for the update. By having a fully backed up system, you can always revert back to your backup if the new update does not work out !

Here are some useful links you can checkout, if you are thinking of updating or have already updated.

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