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Donner Launches DMK - 25 Pro

The New DMK-25 Pro is a new featured pack USB powered MIDI Controller. It features Intelligent Dynamic Scale Mode and Real-Time Multi-Mode Control making users arranging music lot more easy. The real time multi-mode control will also let users create arpeggios , replay and chords to create musical clips.

The DMK-25 also comes with a beautiful OLED Screen that displays various parameters ,arpeggios, velocity, speed and other functions in real time.

Other Features include 8 backlit velocity sensitive pads, 4 assignable knobs, 4 assignable sliders,

8 function buttons, 6 transport buttons,Pitch bend and modulation touch strips

The DMK-25 PRO is now available as a bundle with three Steinberg DAWs, including Cubase LE, which is derived from legendary Cubase software line, WaveLab LE, for mastering, and Cubasis LE, the iOS version of Cubase LE.

The DMK - 25 Pro is currently priced at $209,99

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