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Electron Eq, A Free Vintage Style Equaliser Plugin

Electron Eq by Viator DSP is a freeware eq plugin inspired by some of the most well known vintage tube eq’s like the Pultec Equaliser.

Having a look at the Simple GUI of the plugin can be very deceptive but it has all the features and sound quality you would find on a Paid Equaliser Plugin.

In terms of the controls you get Low Boost and Low Attenuation , High Boost and High Attenuation. You get a frequency selector knob from 20Hz to 300 HZ for the Lows and 1000 Hz to 16000 Hz for the Highs

In the next section of the plugin you get

LP - Low-pass filter from 20000 Hz to 3000 Hz.

Drive - Controls the drive parameter with parallel processing with which you can blend in the amount of tube saturation to the Eq.

Trim - Control the Output Volume

EQ - Control the ON/OFF

OS - is for 4x oversampling on or off

STEREO - Controls if you want to use the Eq in Stereo Mode, MID. SIDE or LEFT and RIGHT

Setting a filter to 0 dB will turn off processing to save CPU for unused filters.

The plugin works on Both Windows [ VST3] and Mac [ AU & VST 3] . I installed it on a M1 system and it worked fine !.

Electron EQ is definitely a plugin you should check out and if you liked it do support the developer !


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