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Five Free Plugins You Should Check Out !

MonsterStringsVST is a Free String virtual instrument from AgusHardiman.

The Free VST comes with 13 Presets with 2 main categories Acoustic and Synthesiser. The Acoustic also has two sub categories, Ensemble and Solo.

Monster Strings is lightweight and easy on your RAM. The simple to use interface has an ADSR Control and separate controls for Volume, Reverb, Chorus and Delays.

The most impressive sound to me was under the Solo Presets, Vibrato Violin and Fiddle Around sound really good !.

Monster Strings Supports 64-bit AU, VST2, and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows systems

Darksichord 3 Lite from ElectronikSoundlab is a Harpsichord virtual instrument plugin for both windows and mac.

Darksichord comes with 3 Layers of sound Sub,Harpsichord and Organ.All of these 3 layers can be controlled individually. Giving you further control over the tone.

The overall tonality of the instrument is dark, so its perfect for Dark and Moody Tracks.

The interface looks interesting and also user-friendly, with an ADSR to control the Amplitude Envelope, LFO Modulation, Low/High Pass Filter Cutoff, and a Global Tuning option. It also comes with various effect modules like delay, distortion, and reverb.

Darksichord 3 Lite is available in VST/VST3/AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac (64 bit)

808XD from Audiolatry is a free, Sample Based and a simple virtual instrument. Its perfect if you are looking to get dirty and hard hitting bass sounds for your tracks.

It comes included with 31 presets including Saturated, Distorted, Modulated, Experimental and Clean Bass Sounds.

It also comes included with modulation & distortion modules, cabinet emulation, filter cutoff, voice selector & glide, as well as gain, pan, and attack/release envelope.

Some of Its Features Include :

  • 109 MB extracted size / 90 MB download size

  • 31 bass presets

  • global gain & pan

  • envelope section with attack & decay

  • LFO modulation section

  • voice mode & glide

  • lowpass/highpass filter cutoff

  • distortion with drive, gain & mix

  • cabinet emulation

System Requirements :

✅ VST/VST3 64-bit Windows

✅ VST/VST3 & AU macOS

Xtressor Nuke from Kiiveaudio is a free Compressor Effect which emulates the famous Distressor Hardware compressor by EmpiricalLabs.

The GUI of the Xtressor is straightforward and easy to use. It has an input knob which controls the intensity of the compression being applied and an auto gain knob which will take care of the gain automatically. The release features 3 modes: Fast, Normal, and Slow, and finally, the output knob lets you control the overall output of your signal from the plugin.

Xtressor also gets a 4x Oversampling feature and a Mix Control to blend in your processed sound with your Main Sound.

System Requirement :

✅ Mac 64bit / M1 Native: VST3, AU, AAX |

✅ Windows 64bit: VST3, AAX

Action Tremelo By Noiseash is a free and advanced Pan and Volume Modulation plugin with an Analog Saturation Engine.

There are three modulation sources: a custom shape envelope follower, the LFO with 5 waveforms, a 32-step sequencer and each modulation sources can be assigned in-sync or free-sync modes.

Some of its Features Include :

  • Vintage Analog Saturation

  • High Efficiency Volume and Pan Modulation DSP Engine

  • Advanced Modulation Engine with 7 modulation wave shapes – including saw, square, triangle, sine, randomizer, custom envelope wave forms and 32 bar step sequencer – sync/free modes

Action Tremelo Can be used for Stereo Enhancement, Fade In / Out, Looped innovative effects, Distorted Textures, Rare sound effects, Side Chain and much more

System Requirements :

✅ Windows 7 64-bit or above. VST3, AAX plug-in versions (64-bit only)

macOS 10.9.5 or above. VST3 / AU / AAX host

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