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FREE and Updated Lo-fi and Vibe Plugin

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Vibe Mechanic is a Lo-Fi Plugin which comes with Distortion, Tone, a Reverb Module and 10 Presets


6 distortion types : lofi, hard, soft, tube, fuzz, and saturation

20 dB of drive gain

Distortion mix blend

Distortion input (active for entire plugin) and output (only for distortion out)

- Tone

-15 to 15 dB of Tilt EQ

-15 to 15 dB of Mid range band shelf

mid range cutoff between 200 and 5000 Hz

Tone module output dial

Pre/post toggle to set the tone module to come before or after the distortion

- Reverb

room size

damping (lowpass on the reverb feedback)


mix blend

- Each module has an on/off toggle to bypass processing.

- Preset menu with 10 built-in presets

System Requirement

Windows 64 Bit VST 3 , Mac OS VST 3 and AU Plugin Formats

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