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FREE Mellotape by Velvet Fidelity

Mellotape is a reimagining of the classic Mellotron M400. The Mellotron was a tape-based electro mechanical keyboard. Analog and Digital Synthesisers were sampled note by note through Stomp Boxes, Effects and other processing into an SSL Console.

After that it was recorded to tape and finished through the FMR, A really nice compressor and Leveling Amplifier

Included in this free Kontakt instrument are 7 multi-sampled instruments:

  1. Anapad

  2. CS80

  3. Digilog

  4. Guitstack Arp

  5. Guitstack

  6. Mellokey Analog

  7. Mellokey Digital


Volume: Turning the Volume knob clockwise lower the output into the master (gain attenuation for the tone knob) to keep the signal from peaking when driving the signal of the instrument.

Tone: Saturation knob with some filter characteristics. This will brighten, fatten, and break up the sounds when pushed to the limit.

Attack: Controls the length of attack time.

Release: Controls the length of release time. Since this is based on the Mellotron, the tape samples will stop playing at the end of the tape length regardless of the release time settings.

FX: Mix knob for the FX, 100% dry to 100% Wet (type of effect varies per instrument preset).

System Support

Requires Full Version of Kontakt

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