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Horror FX Packs - 6 Packs for $20 at ADSR

Epic Stock Media live up to their name and provide you with an EPIC collection for your Halloween & Horror projects!! Build dynamic, ever-changing and immersive soundscapes that are sure to leave your audience on the edge of their seats – and at just $20 from a list price of $253 you won’t be able to turn away either!!

This bundle is available for a limited time this Halloween and is exclusive to ADSR – six packs from industry leaders ‘Epic Stock Media’ . With over 2600 hair-raising samples, loops & one-shots this bundle is frighteningly good value at just $20!!

Price : $20 (Usually $253)

Total Bundle Contents:

  • 2600+ Samples, Loops & One-Shots

    • Video Game Character Voices

    • Demonic Gibberish

    • Magic Spells

    • Creepy Doors

    • Alien Sac Openings

    • Over an hours worth of sound effects to turn your stomach inside out

Total Number of Files:

  • 2600+

  • 9.9 GB+

Packs Included:

  • Infiltration Thriller

  • Creepy Game FX

  • BRAAAM Strike 2

  • Dark Game Spell Incantation Voices

  • AAA Game Character Undead

  • Bloodlust

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