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Process Audio's Fall Sale is up at 50% Discount at Plugin Boutique

"PROCESS.AUDIO is the software division of pureMix, founded by a team of world-class music-making professionals. Save 50% on the audio enhancer Sugar, the revolutionary Decibel plugin that will turn your iOS / Android device into a real-time metering display, the distortion toolbox Spicerack and the brand-new COMP.TWO compressor."


One Meter To Rule Them All

Upgrade your studio by adding fully customizable real-time metering displays on your desk.

One of Decibel's ground-breaking features is its free companion app for iOS and Android. Open it on a smartphone or tablet, link it to the Decibel desktop application or plugin over Wi-Fi, and the mobile app will mirror the meter display. Link as many devices as you want. Now you can have multiple synced hardware meters running simultaneously in your studio.

Price : $74 (Originally $149)


Dreamt-up, designed, and finely-tuned by award-winning engineers, Spicerack reimagines the conventional approach to audio saturation and distortion, elevating the process to new heights of creativity.

Spicerack features five completely different flavors of harmonic distortion to saturate, distort, shape or texturize your sounds. Those five algorithms have been carefully developed and tuned to provide a wide color palette that is truly useful for every producer and mixing engineer. In that respect, Spicerack picks up where other saturation plugins left off.

Using the true linear phase technology developed for PROCESS.AUDIO’s ubiquitous first plugin ‘Sugar’, Spicerack yields unprecedented results when blending wet and dry signals, making no compromise on the quality of your audio material, a first for parallel saturation plugins.

Spicerack’s interface was designed to dial-in the right amount of saturation as fast as possible with minimum brain share. The unique Auto Gain Compensation and Calibration features make for a smooth Drive knob ranging from subtle saturation to aggressive distortion with no level jumps.

Other Spicerack key features include Console Remote, a unique protocol allowing inter- plugin communication and remote control, and a very creative audio Gate circuit that helps morph Spicerack’s distortion effects from conventional all out chaos to precise sound design tools.

Price : $74 (Originally $149)


Designed by a team of award-winning engineers to offer their most useful and most essential harmonic enhancement techniques in one centralized plug-in.

The resulting colour palette is a fast lane to pro-sounding records.

This full-spectrum enhancer will add punch, thickness, depth, warmth, edge and grit to all your tracks.

A Complete Color Palette

Sugar is an audio colour palette based on classic tricks used by top engineers to achieve great tones. Professional mixing engineers spend years refining techniques and processes to create t

he magical sounds the public hears on finished records. Beyond straight EQ and compression, these top engineers use processes that can be complicated to set up and tweak and often require expensive gear to achieve.

Sugar is a shortcut to those punchy kick drums, thick basses, sharp snares, edgy guitars, airy and creamy vocals, warm mixes and wide masters, and much more.

Sugar saves time by centralizing these processes in one analogue-inspired plug-in without sacrificing the ability to fine-tune for a professional experience. Sugar's four effects are routed in parallel processing and work in mono, stereo and M/S (Mid-Side) mode.

Sugar's signal flow is straightforward: the chosen effects are blended with the dry signal and routed through a High-Pass/Low-Pass linear phase filter combination to reign in the extreme amount of energy Sugar can add to the raw signal (There can be such thing as too much Sugar). This blended signal is then run through the Saturation section of the plug-in, where three carefully chosen saturation algorithms can tame unruly transients, add more grit to your sound, or simply destroy it in devastatingly creative ways.

Sugar's interface is designed to streamline necessary but otherwise repetitive tasks and to allow engineers to dial in the perfect setting very fast and intuitively so they can focus on the music, not the tools.

Price : $74 (Originally $149)

Comp Two

Vari-MU = Vari-Glue

The COMP.TWO plugin is a faithful emulation of the German-built hardware compressor by Rockruepel (Rock-bully in English). It is an all-tube vari-mu design, meaning there are no transistor stages in the circuit. Ideal for adding glue to your mix.

Price : $64(Originally $129)

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