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Psycho Circuitry Releases FREE Lite Version of RazorGate.

Price : FREE

Razorgate (FullVersion) is a dynamics processor to slice away unwanted audio. Slew Rate Limiter gain control design with variable timings, threshold, hold, hysteresis. Character control gives you control to change the envelope shape. VCA color adds additional non-linearity to the envelope. External sidechain support, and sidechain filter with listen feature. A DELTA button to hear what's being removed. Up to x16 Oversampling. Stereo/Mono/Dual Mono operating modes. And a gate state LED to show the gate's behavior.

The free version has the same technology as the plus version, without the external sidechain, sidechain filter, VCA color and Dual Mono mode.

System Support

▷ Mac and Windows

▷ VST3 | AU

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