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Redlight By UNDRGRND Sounds Is 50% Off

A Dual-Layer Sample-Based Synthesizer Melding The Analogue Sounds Of Vintage Synthesizers With The Processing And Performance Features Of Kontakt.

Redlight ships with 139 presets spanning heavy basses, evolving sequenced leads and rich harmonic chord sets that are guaranteed to spark your inspiration.


  • Dual synth architecture from classic analogue sound sources.

  • A host of onboard effects like convolution reverbs, distortion, sample reduction, delays and filters.

  • A unique step-sequencer with effects sequencing built into every single patch

  • A per sound source modulation matrix for expert synth sequencing and happy ‘accident’ style programming

  • 130+ snapshot presets in a range of sound types ranging from chords, leads, bass, sequences and textures.

  • Over 60 powerful multi-sample sources with distinct and classic sounds from dance music history.

System Requirement

  • The full version of Kontakt version 5.8.1 or higher is required

Now $49 Originally $99

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