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Replicat Audios Free Green Wave

A subtractive dual-oscillating software synthesizer written in C++.

GreenWave is in alpha. This means it is still being built and contains bugs. Keep checking back for bug fixes and more features!

GreenWave is flexible modern software synthesizer with classic roots. The goal is to build a tool for crafting organic and otherworldly sounds with a simple and minimal interface.


▷ Standalone or VST3

▷Fully Portable (no installer and you can put your patches anywhere) ▷10+ Handcrafted Waveforms

▷Up to 16 unison voices per oscillator (32 total)

▷Independent ADSR for each Oscillator

▷Both LFOs are full featured Oscillators

▷LFO ADSR (much cooler than "LFO Delay" found on other synths)

▷Built-in Spectrum Analyzer & Oscilloscope

▷Function Level Waveform Morphing

▷2 Dedicated ADSR Modulation Envelopes

▷Randomize Patch Button


Support - Supports Windows Systems Only

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