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Review - Free Acoustic Drum-Kit from ML Sound.

ML Sound Lab Has Introduced ML Drums at an introductory price of €29.99. You also get an option to try out this kit as a free download and an option to buy add-ons to the kit via ML Drum Essentials to expand your drum arsenal. I was really impressed with the sound quality of the drums. It’s well recorded and sounds natural. The Free Version comes with a Kick, Snare , Tom 1 , Floor Toms, Hi-Hats, Ride, Crash, and China. enough to get you started.

The Plugin also comes with a mixer where you get an equaliser, a control for the amount of signal bleed being sent to the overheads and room, and individual controls to send individual instruments to the reverb. You also get a compression knob for Kick, snare, toms, room and master channels

In the MIDI section you get the flexibility to Map your instruments to the keys of your choice to your MIDI controller or an electronic Drum-Kit. The entire interface is clean and very easy to get around. If you're looking for a good, natural-sounding acoustic drum kit, this is a kit you should look into.

Listen to the Sample


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Angel Osuna
Angel Osuna
Sep 16, 2022


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