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Rigid Audio Releases Lupus : A Loop Slicer and Re-Arranger.

Lupus is a Loop Slicer and Re-arranger Kontakt Library.


▷ Drag And Drop Your Own Wav Loops.

▷ High-Quality Time-Stretching Algorithm.

▷ Re-Arrange And Slice Your Loops In Realtime.

▷ Four Switchable Patterns, Full Randomization.

▷ Formant Control, Flam-Effect, Pitch-Modulation.

▷ Realtime Loops Transposing Via Midi Notes.

▷ Editing-Helpers, Lp/Hp Combifilter.

▷ Formant Envelope Order Control To Adapt

▷ Formant Shifting To Different Types Of Source Material.

▷ Use Midi Controllers 102 - 105 To Remote Control Tables.


The intro is 50% off - €5.99 (reg. €11.99) - until October 1st

System Support

▷ Full Version Of Kontakt 6.7.1 (Or Higher) Required

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