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RODE's New USB Microphone NT-USB+

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Rode has a long line up of USB microphones like NT-USB, NT-USB Mini and the Podcaster. Joining this list is their new NT-USB+. NT-USB + is based on their very popular NT-USB.

The NT-USB+ is a professional USB microphone that makes capturing studio-quality sound super simple. Building on the legacy of the legendary NT-USB with next-generation features, it excels in a wide variety of applications, from recording music to podcasting and streaming. Delivering pristine audio quality with incredible ease of use and premium features, the NT-USB+ will have you sounding like a pro in seconds.

The Microphone features a studio-grade condenser capsule with a tight cardioid pickup pattern, ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp™ and high-resolution analog-digital conversion.

There is also an on-board headphone amplifier, which allows the microphone to provide zero-latency monitoring facilities, with level and mix controls available on the side of the device’s body.

Another Key feature is the in-built Internal DSP Powered by Aphex offering an onboard HPF, Compressor, Noise Gate, An Aural Exciter and Big Boom Effects. All this can be activated using RODE's Central app Available for both Desktop (Windows & Mac) and Mobile Devices.

Key Features:

▷ Professional USB microphone

▷ Studio-grade condenser capsule with tight cardioid polar pattern

▷ Ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp™

▷ Powerful APHEX® audio processing accessible via RØDE Connect, RØDE Central and RØDE Reporter

▷ High-power headphone output with zero-latency monitoring and versatile controls

▷ USB-C connectivity with high-resolution analog-digital conversion

▷ Detachable pop filter and desktop stand included 

▷ Class-compliant USB output that works seamlessly with computers, smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)

▷Designed and made in RØDE's state-of-the-art facilities in Sydney, Australia.

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