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Softube Year End Sale in on !

Softube's Year end sale is on for this weekend with upto 75% off on Model 82 Sequencing Mono Synth, Atlantis Dual Chambers, Dirty Tape and Wasted Space.

Model 82 Sequencing Mono Synth ($ 69)

A ‘90s techno idol accurately emulated for faithful sound and feelings

The authentically inspiring sequencer and arpeggiator of the up-all-night original

Two versions included: the instrument and five modules for Modular

Atlantis Dual Chambers ($ 143)

Two of the best-sounding reverb chambers in the world, perfectly captured

Featuring additional modern features, intuitive parameters, and a straightforward workflow

Created in collaboration with the studios that shaped the sound of pop, Atlantis Studios in Stockholm, Sweden

Dirty Tape ($ 32)

A tape dirt machine effect with Softube-quality sound

Add warm, low fidelity vibes to any sample, instrument, or beat

From the makers of Tape, Tape Echoes, Harmonics, and Saturation Knob

Wasted Space ($ 32)

Instant, extreme lo-fi digital reverb for creative production and sound design

Authentic aliasing artifacts and distortion with Softube-quality sound and workflow

Three versions included: the native plug-in, the Modular module, and the Amp Room module

Download Here 👇🏾


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