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Sound Particles FREE Air Music Edition.

Air | Music Edition is the perfect plugin to quickly and realistically simulate the distance and depth of musical elements in any mix. Air will help you achieve natural-sounding performance results in the studio and sound like the real deal in seconds.

Elevate your music, let instruments breathe and mixes shine.

Air removes the sterile feel of a typical studio setting (where vocals & instruments often get close mic-ed) by simulating air absorption, making your music sound natural, organic and clear, and by simulating the acoustic effect of distance between the listener and the real-life music performance.

Air | Music Edition allows you to skip the standard time-consuming method of adding depth in a mix (attenuate the volume and EQ of high frequencies) without resulting in a sea of effects that mud the production. Use this plugin to realistically create depth. Air does it with precision and with a natural feel as you adjust the distance knob - without the risk of adding distractions.

Experiment with placing drums a few feet away from the guitars, or the vocals a few feet forward from the keyboard.


▷ Updated and spectacular new design and

▷ Control the amount of additional attenuation you would get with different distances by controlling the variation of the audio output

▷ Scientifically measured frequency response values of air dampening

▷ See the actual frequency response that is being applied to the music

▷ Full integration with Imperial and Metric units,

System Requirements :

Mac OSX 10.13 or higher

Intel and native Apple Silicon Macs

Windows 10 or higher

Plugin Formats ;

AAX Native, AU and VST3

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