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Soundpaint Releases Free Copperphone

Presenting the extraordinary Copperphone - a true marvel crafted from modified Copper pipes, now available to you for FREE in Soundpaint! With a sound akin to a blend of pristine bells and the allure of a metallic marimba, this 12-pipe instrument brings a unique and captivating charm to your music.

We recorded the Copperphone with hard mallets, soft mallets, wooden mallets, fingernails, and a distinct muted option, allowing you to express your musical vision with diverse textures and dynamics. This collection also includes ambiences both beautiful and frightening, specially designed from the copper pipes.

With its rich palette of tones and soulful resonance, the copperphone is sure to bring something new to any composition. The Copperphone's range of expressions, from pronounced attacks to smooth and relaxed tones, offers a world of possibilities limited only by your imagination. Unravel the extraordinary potential of the Copperphone and let its melodic brilliance shape your music in ways you've never heard before.

System Support

▷ VST, AU, AAX, and Standalone

▷ Requires Free Soundpaint Sample Engine

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