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Soundtoys Free Little Radiator Plug

Soundtoys is giving away their Little Radiator Plugin for free till Jan 2nd, 2023.

Little Radiator is a Modelled Classic Tube Mic Pre-Amp. Its a Perfect plugin if you are looking to add some 60's warmth and fattening to Bass,Guitar,Drums or Vocals.

This modeled tube pre-amp from Soundtoys is based on the Altec 1566A, a simple little preamp straight out of the Motown Era. Little Radiator drives and breaks up in very interesting ways, creating rich harmonic distortion, exactly like the 1566A.

To get this plugin for free you will need to signup on soundtoys website and with your user account you can activate your plugin on your computer. Make sure you use the Coupon HOLIDAYHEAT at checkout.

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