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SSL LMC + is a massive 84% OFF at Plugin Boutique

Price : $17.99 (Originally $119)

The SSL LMC+ replicates the sound of an SSL 4000E console's reverse talkback function, a.k.a. the Listen Mic, which included an integrated compressor to safeguard against overloads and make quiet speech intelligible. It was the Listen Mic Compressor, combined with the SSL 4000E's built-in noise gate, that was the genesis to the gated-reverb drum sound that dominated the '80s.

The LMC+ plug-in eclipses the original hardware, providing you with advanced functionality that wasn't present in the original console, such as external sidechain capabilities, highpass filters and lowpass filters, and Scoop and Split functions. And thanks to its intuitive controls, the LMC+ is a breeze to use. If you want to smash everything back to the 1980s, the LMC+ is the plug-in to do it with.

The LMC+ plug-in takes the vaunted SSL Listen Mic Compressor from the center section of an SSL 4000E console and enhances it with modern features derived from SSL's LMC+ 500 Series module. An external sidechain enables you to trigger gain reduction with an external source or signal, while variable highpass and lowpass filters allow you to tailor which frequencies trigger the compression. You also get Scoop and Split functions. Scoop phase-inverts your wet signal, while Split engages a bandpass-subtraction mode.

There is also a Mix control, which makes parallel processing a piece of cake. If you enjoy slamming audio into oblivion, you'll find a zillion uses for the LMC+.


  • Replicates the sound of an SSL 4000E console's Listen Mic Compressor 

  • Fixed attack and release curves are tailor-made for ambient drums 

  • External sidechain triggers gain reduction with an external source or signal 

  • Variable highpass and lowpass filters tailor which frequencies trigger the compression 

  • Scoop button phase-inverts wet signal 

  • Split button activates bandpass-subtraction mode 

  • Mix control makes parallel processing a piece of cake

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