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TAL-Vocoder - Free 80's Vocoder

Free Tal-Vocoder from Tal Software is a vintage vocoder emulation plugin the emulates the sound of vocoders from the 80's.

What is a vocoder?

The vocoder was developed during World War II as a way to encode and encrypt speech. But by the 1960s, musicians found ways to use it to create the familiar robot-voice effect.

A vocoder is essentially a synthesising system. To keep it simple, a vocoder encodes or synthesises human speech, hence the terms vocoder (vocal-encoder).

A vocoder requires two inputs, An Input signal which is called the "carrier" signal and another audio signal which will manipulate the carrier signal called the modulator.Resonant band pass filters are set at specific frequency intervals by the modulator which the carrier signal will activate, shaping frequency bands through the envelope of that specific frequency band.

TAL-Vocoder is a vintage vocoder emulation with 11 bands that emulates the sound of vocoders from the early 80’s. It includes analog modeled components in combination with digital algorithms such as the SFFT (Short-Time Fast Fourier Transform).

This vocoder does not make a direct convolution of the carrier and modulation signal as other digital vocoders maybe do. It includes an envelope follower for every of the eleven bands. This vocoder is optimized for voice processing and includes some algorithms for consonants to make the voice more intelligible.

The carrier signal is a VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) with a Pulse, Saw, Noise and SubOsc. But it’s also possible to use the left stereo input as carrier. This way every sound source can be used as carrier signal. This plug-in supports every sample rate.

System Requirements :

Windows: Windows 7 or higher (64 bit host)

OS X: 10.9 or higher (64 bit host). Universal Binary 2 with native Apple M1 support.

AAX: Pro Tools 10.3.6 or higher (64 bit).

LINUX: 64 bit / Ubuntu 18 or similar.

Features :

▷ 11 band vocoder engine.

▷ Internal carrier synth (pulse, saw, sub osc, noise, mono, poly, portamento, sync , tune).

▷ Possibility to route an external carrier signal.

▷ Harmonic control (adds more harmonics to any carrier signal)

▷ "Ess" enhancer for a clean understandable voice, also with a carrier that hasnt much high frequencies.

▷ Clip LED, glows if the input signal will be clipped.

▷ Panic button stops hanging notes within the synth.

▷ Low CPU usage.

▷ Side-Chain input.

▷ Works only on Stereo Channels at the moment!

Download Link 👇🏾

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