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Tone Projects Updates Free Version of Basslane

Tone Projects recently released Basslane Pro and updated its free version.

Basslane is a useful little plugin that can be used to narrow down the stereo width of frequencies thats below a set threshold, add upper harmonics to side channel and increase the tightness of an instrument by keeping the low end frequencies intact.

Learn More about Basslane Pro Here -

Some of the key features of the updated Basslane FREE Version :

▷ Now supports both Windows and Mac (With Native Silicon support)

▷ Side Harmonics (Adopted from the Pro Version ) adds upper harmonics to the side channel based on the mono'ed low-end

The updated user interface now provides helpful stereo balance and correlation metering.

Support :

▷ Windows: VST3 (32/64 bit), AAX (64 bit)

▷ Mac: VST3, AU, AAX (64 bit)

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