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Waves Bezerk Plugin is Free !

Bezerk is a creative distortion plugin.It has around 10 distortion shapes developed from various unit types like Amps.Tube Devices, Stomp Boxes and old analog units.

Berzerk includes 10 unique shapes, each with its own personality.

Using the "Go Bezerk" button will start creating variations on each wave-shape, and the density knob will allow you to control the amplitude of the wave-shape. The dynamic section will let you control the character of the harmonics. There are various other parameters as well, like Feedback, Speed Knob, Octave and Pitch Controls, a knob to control the Gate/Expander and The Rider, which will let you control the amount of gain hitting the distortion. Bezerk also lets you use the plugin in M/S mode.

Its an interesting plugin if you want to add grit to your synths,drums,vocals or guitars.


  • Creative distortion plugin designed to inspire musical ideas

  • 10 original distortion shapes with wildly different personalities

  • 'Go Berzerk' button to surprisingly randomize each distortion shape

  • Versatile Feedback oscillation section with pitch/speed controls, int/ext sidechaining & more

  • Dynamics section to gate, expand or ride the input into the distortion

  • M/S processing: distort only mids or only sides, leave the rest clean

  • Temperature control to set overall signal color & warmth

  • Presets by Grammy-winning mixers Lu Diaz, Dave Pensado, more

To get a FREE copy of Berzerk you will have to subscribe to Dom Sigalas’ YouTube channel, and click on the “GET BERZERK DISTORTION FREE” . The offer is for 48 Hours only, so grab it!

Note - you will also need to have a waves account and get yourself signed in.

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