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Waves Magma Series - Lil Tube is FREE During Black Friday

Waves Lil Tube (V14) is FREE for this Black Friday only ! .

Lil Tube is a saturation plugin with a very straightforward user interface.You get a sensitivity knob with which you can choose between the soft, normal or high setting.The Drive knob lets you control the amount of saturation and finally an Output Control to trim down or up your output and thats pretty much it !

Lil tube can help you get tube fatness on you drums, vocals, bass and pretty much any instrument you throw at it.

Simply register and get this plugin. you will enjoy using this one!

System Requirements :

Windows 10 64 bit (21H2)

Windows 11 (21H2)

Mac OS 10.15.7, 11.6.5, 12.4. 13.0

[supports apple silicon]

Download Here 👇🏾

Walkthrough Video 👇🏾

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