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Whats New in Logic Pro 10.7.5

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Apple recently released an update to Logic Pro 10.7.4 to 10.7.5 Though the sound of it might make one think it's a minor update but the recent update comes with load of new and interesting features.

Ableton Link

Ableton Link allows you to synchronise beat, phase and tempo over a shared network. This allows multiple users in the same network with the link enabled to join and get synchronised to the timeline enabling a group jam.

Ableton Link in Logic Pro also supports start/stop synchronization, meaning you can synchronize the start and stop commands across all connected applications that have start/stop synchronization enabled.

Record MIDI Plugin Data

This is a great option if you are using MIDI plugins and looking to record the data from the MIDI plugins recorded separately, allowing you to further edit the MIDI plugin data.

New Gain Tool

You can now edit the gain of audio regions using the Gain. Tool. Just select the gain too and place the pointer over an audio region to decrease on increase the Gain of the Region. The change in gain is also visually represented in the waveform.

Nested Track Stacks

In the previous version of logic you could not place a summing track within other summing tracks. With the latest update you can now Nest various group summing tracks into a higher summing track.

Stompboxes and Pedalboards

The 35 individual Stomboxes and Pedalboards can now be used as independent plugins on audio and software instrument tracks.

Apart from these new changes Logic has been updated with other new features like

Personalized Spatial Audio Support, Two New Sound Packs ( Beat Tape and Modular Rhythms), Logic Pro Preferences is now renamed as Settings. Apart from these main changes there are also hundreds of Tweaks and Bug Fixes

For complete list of changes you can check it here

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