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Whats New in NI's Kontakt 7

Native Instruments has recently released Kontakt 7 with new updated features.

Kontakt has become an integral part of any music producer's workflow. So, any new update from the software developer is always a welcome change we all look forward to. Here are some of the features that we get with the new release.


With the new updated browser which looks a lot like the browser you get with Komplete. its now possible to search, filter,Edit tags and audition sounds.The New Browser also gets a resizable and high DPI capability (The High DPI currently works on Kontakt library 2 )


The Seven Collections that comes included in the large new factory library of over 43 GB sounds

ORCHESTRAL - the comprehensive, integrated collection of sampled string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments

ACOUSTIC - Flutes, dulcimers, recorders, bagpipes, fiddles, plus a brand-new hurdy gurdy, and a range of gongs and percussion sounds with editable MIDI patterns.

BAND - Authentic Sounds for Rock, Funk, Jazz or Soul. newly added guitars, plus basses, organs, horns, and e-pianos. The collection also has a range of drum kits, which come with preset grooves that can be exported with MIDI drag and drop.

BEATS - the Beats collection is totally overhauled for Factory Library 2. Choose from 288 pre-made Grooves across 90 kits, or free-play your own rhythms with a keyboard or pads.

CHOIR - The Choir collection delivers choral vocals that span the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass pitch ranges.

SYNTHS - All the pads, leads, arps, and basses you could ever need, including a freshly added Soundscapes category for evolving, cinematic textures.

VINTAGE - A collection of 292 deep-sampled electronic instruments that deliver the rich, timeless warmth of analog synthesis, tube compression, and tape saturation.


Updated Time Stretching Alogrithm improves the performance of tempo based sample manipulation.

There are also two new effects you can try, Psychedelay from Guitar Rig 6 and a new Ringmodulator Effect.

Instrument developers can now access Creator Tools, a standalone application suite with a Debugger, an Instrument Editor, and a GUI Designer.

KONTAKT 7 is included with KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD and above.

Kontakt 7 for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for 299 USD/ upgrade for 99 USD

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