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XILS-lab by “PolyM” is 72% Off

PolyM is based on the legendary Polymoog synthesizer, and distinguishes itself from other synths by having extraordinary features and a unique sound.

The PolyM takes you back to the golden years of electronic music when sound was so important for great artists such as Keith Emerson, Gary Numan, Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk….

Note: The PolyM is a plug-in and is not available as a standalone application.

Note: Protected by iLok (PACE Antipiracy) with two independent locations per licenses (including the soft-location without any hardware device).

System Support

Mac OSX 10.9 and later (64-bits only including Apple M1based computer): VST2.4, VST3, Audio Unit, RTAS, AAX (native).

▷ Windows 7,8,10 & 11 (32&64 bits): VST2.4,VST3, AAX (native).

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