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Zampler Sounds COLOURS - FREE sounds from Arturia Pigments 4

Arturia's software flagship has left hardly anything to be desired anyway, even though the new filters and effects are of course most welcome and Pigments is even more broadly positioned as a result. In combination with the greatly expanded preset library, Pigments is thus also interesting for those who enjoy the sonic possibilities alone and do not want to tinker with the sounds down to the smallest detail. With COLOURS you get 22+2 patches from the original library.


929 MB Samples

22 Patches from Pigments 4, powered by Arturia

12 Leads

6 Basses

6 Pads

144 Samples

System Requirement

Compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt, Steinberg HALion, UVI Falcon, Bitwig Sampler, Ableton Sampler and all other samplers that can open the SFZ format.

Download Here 👇🏾

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