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11 FREE Plugins You Should Check Out !

Here are 11 FREE plugins of January that received more than 300 Likes in our Instagram Page @Wavefoundry That you should check out !

1.SPX NeverMore by Witch Pig - ❤️👑 861 Likes !

SPX Nevermore is an emulation of the Symphonic preset from the 1990s Yamaha SPX 90 rack effects unit. As this was a budget 12 bit digital FX unit, and notoriously noisy, by default The Developed has enabled the 'Noisy' and '12 Bit' switches. The low bit rate, and background noise, has been fed into the signal before the stereo flanger effect, in order to emulate something close to the distinctively lo-fi sound of the original.

The SPX Symphonic preset was most famously used on bass for Nirvana's 'NEVER-mind' album, and by Zakk Wylde for the guitar on Ozzy's 'No MORE Tears'.

System Support


2. Epoch Amp by Guitar ML - ❤️ 507 Likes !

Epoch Amp is a amp modelling plugin designed to bring realism and versatility to your digital studio. Containing four amp models ranging from clean to edge of breakup, crunchy to high gain, you will constantly be discovering new sounds to add to your sonic arsenal. The full range of the gain knob has been meticulously captured for each of the four amp modes. The plugin also features a mix control for mixing in your input signal with the dirty signal. It has built in Impulse Responses hand picked for each amp mode, which you can turn off to use your own. Epoch Amp is intended to be used as the foundation of your signal chain to add any number of other effects to.

System Requirement

Windows 10/11, 64-bit (VST3, AAX)

Mac 10.15 and up (AU, VST3, AAX)

Linux (VST3, LV2)

3. LifeLine Console Lite by Excite Audio - ❤️ 474 Likes !

Plugin Boutique is still giving away Life Line Console Lite FREE.

Lifeline Console Lite brings recordings to life with the warmth and charm of analogue audio processing.

While Lifeline Expanse simulates the space and characteristics of real recording environments and re-amping methods, Lifeline Console Lite focuses on mixing in a control room, offering you the sound of sought-after hardware and analogue formats all within your DAW.

Each of the plugin’s five modules brings a particular vintage flavour to your signal chain:

Features :

Pre-amp warms and enhances the signal with colourful saturation via a customisable frequency response.

EQ offers characterful spectral shaping with a choice of analogue circuitry.

Compressor makes quick work of dynamics duties and contains an innovative Auto Makeup control.

Modulation imparts the movement and life of warped records and tape speed variations.

Wear adds the charm and imperfections of old-school playback, introducing the noise, artefacts and unpredictable nature of tape, vinyl and cassette.

Whether you’re adding gentle sheen and signal enhancement, degrading a sound into a nostalgic, lo-fi production, or anything in between, there’s a module combination for whatever you need.

System Requirement

macOS 10.9 or higher (Intel / M1 Apple Silicon supported) (64-bit only)

Plugin Formats: VST, VST3, AU, AAX, Standalone

Windows 7 or higher (32 / 64-bit)

Plugin formats: VST, VST3, AAX, Standalone

To avail is offer Enter Coupon Code "Attack0123" at Checkout.

4.Spring Verb by OSC Audio - ❤️ 414 Likes !

OSC's springVerb is packed with 3 spring modes to give you a wide range of sounds to bring to your mix. The included Highpass Filter, Lowpass Filter, and controllable Decay*, help springVerb use on any source.

RedSprings A full body big spring sound. Turn down the decay for a classic touch of spring, or crank it to 10 and let the spring go wild for massive ambience.

DigiSprings A slightly smaller spring compared to RedSpring, with a less intrusive sound great for adding subtle touches of space to your source.

CaliSprings Traditional guitar-amp based spring reverb with twang you'd expect. This sound includes a guitar cabinet which can add an interesting flavor to your sounds. This one is particularly designed with guitar players in mind. *Decay does not affect this mode.

All settings can be saved and loaded in your sessions as well as cross platform presets. All parameters offer automation control to get the most expressive sound.

System Requirement

Stand alone and VST3/AU compatible plug-in for Mac/PC.

macOS 10.14 or later (M1 Native) / Windows 10 (or later)

***Use Code " INTROPRICE " to get it for free

5. Scratch Pad by Dixon Beats - ❤️ 393 Likes !

Scratchpad is a totally free VST Instrument plugin developed by Patent Sounds. This plugin was built with LOFI in mind however the sounds included are going to complement almost any genre of music well.

The 12 presets included with Scratchpad were carefully picked out and sampled to fit the LOFI aesthetic, But these sounds are also going to work great in other subgenres of hip hop too! Smooth Keys, Beautiful Bells & Lush Leads!

With Scratchpad’s built-in noise generators you can manually add a mix of noise to your sound instantly making them sound more “Retro”. Choose from Vinyl, Tape, or Rain noises and mix them with your tonal sound to really give it a different texture!

You cab combine Chorus, Distortion, and Wow/Flutter to make up the “Lofiness” section of the plugin. These effects can be used together to create a really degraded or aged effect.

6.SP Alhambra by Loot Audio - ❤️ 387 Likes

SP Alhambra is loot audios take on a flamenco guitar. Its sound is a little different than a classic guitar, as its body is thinner, and is loaded with nylon strings specially made for flamenco style.

The instrument was chromatically sampled note by note up to 6 velocity layers. Sampled in 24bit 44.1KHz

This offer is FREE for a Limited Time

System Requirement

Requires Kontakt 6.6.1 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)

7. Neuron Tube by Audio Singularity - ❤️ 353 Likes !

Audio Singularity has released Neurontube and FREE Amp Simulator featuring Soldano SLO-100 and Laney TF300 amp models.

The more you play with neurontube: debut, the more passionate you will be about playing guitar. You get the whole package: from the insane roar of american high gain, to the british clean bliss. Damn, you even get the edge-of-breakup tones that you know and love.

All this combined with boutique stomp pedals modeled using advanced artificial intelligence techniques, hand picked cabinets and mics captured with precision overkill, which definitely makes neurontube: debut unique in tone.

Neurontube: debut ships with these amazing pedals for maximum control over your tones. Here they are:

COMPRESSOR: as the name says, a compressor pedal, that makes controlling your signal volume easy.

BURN: distortion/fuzz pedal. It lets you go from a edge-of-breakup Centaur-like sound, to giving you the low end tightness of tubescreamers, to amp melting fuzz. It covers it all.

CHORUS: chorus pedal, for this one we went for a vintage chorus modulation. Sounds great at speedy rate 80’s tones, or slow rate fulfilling chords, beautiful stuff. Boosting the feedback/depth you can get to the psychedelic side of this pedal.

TIME MACHINE: our delay pedal, based on a hand picked analog delay pedal, was designed to filter off annoying treble frequencies, making it sound darker than most digital made delays. Control the time, feedback and mix.

THE ROOM: a studio room reverb pedal. Control the room size, the reflection brilliance and the mix. You can even control the position of the pedal on the chain of your signal: pre or post the amp (loop fx like).

System Requirement

▷ Windows 10

▷ OSX 10.12 to up-to-date macOS versions

8.Realizer By Analog Obsession - ❤️ 351 Likes !

Realizer is a "transient based random value generator" for parameters.

Great for static synths, samples, one-shot or multi-layered drums, fake doubled vocals and even recreate broken cassette player! It's not limited. Your imagination is the only limit!

It has 5 randomized parameter. Gain, Transient, HPF, LPF and Pitch. Volume is standart output volum control. Not randomization.

Simply, each parameter has its own range but not static. Always, triggered with random values by transients.

You can use each knob to set parameter "intensity". So, you will be able to keep random values between "unknown" range.

For example, if you set gain knob to %20, you will get unknown but narrow range. Same for others.

Hope you like!


5 randomized parameters triggered by transient

Gain, Transient, HPF, LPF and Pitch

Each knob will set range for parameters. Narrow to wide.

Volume knob is simple output knob

Touchscreen support

Resizable interface. Simple "Bottom Right Corner Handle" to resize. 50% to 200%.

System Requirement

VST3 / AU / AAX Native - Audiosuite | Mac 10.11 - 13.X (Requires a graphics card that supports "Metal")

VST3 / AAX Native - Audiosuite | Windows 10 - 11

9.Dee Doubler by Dotech Audio - ❤️ 338 Likes !

DeeDoubler is a plug-in that adds a doubling effect to vocals.It brings depth to vocals by layering voices.

By reproducing the mixing technique using filters and phase adjustment that has been done for a long time, it features a clean and classic effect.

Operation is also very simple, with AMOUNT to adjust the amount of doubling and DELAY to adjust the width of the doubling.

It can be enjoyed on a variety of vocal tracks, including main vocals, chorus, and rap.

System Requirement

MacOS 10.12 or Later (VST2/3/AU/AAX

Windows 32/64 Bit (VST2/3/AAX)

10. IOTA Mini by Angelic Vibes - ❤️ 329 Like !

Angelicvibes updates IOTAMINI a free VST instrument. The Free Mini Version comes with 50 High-Qulaity Presets,Drum Machine with 10 Free Drums.

Iota Mini VST is a free virtual instrument software created by AngelicVibes. It was intended to give up-and-coming producers the tools needed to succeed in music production. It contains 50 high quality instruments and 60 drum samples. Iota Mini features a drum machine that can easily be connected to your MPC.

System Requirement

AU/VST2/VST3, 32/64 bit and PC and MAC support

11.MG-1 Plus Synth by Cherry Audio - ❤️ 303 Likes !

The fun and funky Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer is a super authentic recreation of the Realistic MG-1 synthesizer sold in Radio Shack stores in the 80s. The Surrealistic MG-1 Plus delivers fat analog tone in spades along with a unique polyphonic oscillator section, "bell tone" ring modulation, and a number of improvements that tremendously expand its capabilities.


Ultra accurate analog modeling

Dual oscillator monophonic plus polyphonic oscillator bank

Super fat 24db "ladder" filter

Over 130 presets

"Bell tone" ring modulation

Tempo syncable LFO

Expanded octave ranges

Multiple note priority modes including legato and retrigger

Advanced one-click UI magnification

Full MIDI control

Full DAW automation for all controls

Preset level MIDI mapping/automation

Preset favouriting from the toolbar

System Requirement

macOS Requirements: macOS 10.13 or above. macOS 13 Ventura supported. 64-bit required. Native Apple M1 processor support, including Apple M1 Ultra

Windows Requirements: Windows 7 or above (including Windows 11), 64-bit required.


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