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2BPlayed Release QFX Color FREE for a Limited Period of Time !

2bplayed Is Giving away QFX Color FREE for a limited period of time. They are also currently offering exciting black friday deals !

To get QFX Color for free enter coupon code GOTOKNOB at checkout.

Price : FREE

  • QFX Color is the secret ingredient you’ve been searching for to infuse your tracks with unparalleled depth and character. Our high-quality low-pass and high-pass filters replicate the rich sound color and precision of top-notch analog gear. Your music will resonate with the same brilliance as if it were crafted using the finest studio equipment.

  • Precision in Every Turn:

  • With the large rotary knob, take control of your sound’s frequency range, spanning from the earthy depths of 20 Hz to the sparkling highs of 20 kHz. Whether you’re sculpting thunderous basslines or delicate melodies, QFX Color ensures your sonic palette knows no bounds.

  • Resonate Your Way:

  • Discover 5 preset resonance settings at your fingertips, each designed to add a unique sonic dimension to your tracks. Feel the resonance flow through your music like never before, bringing life and energy to every note.

  • Warm or Bright? It’s Your Choice:

  • Customize your sound further with the Tone knob, allowing you to seamlessly toggle between warm and inviting low-pass filtering or the crisp brilliance of high-pass filtering. QFX Color adapts to your creative vision, offering a spectrum of possibilities in one powerful package.

  • Boost Your Creative Process:

  • Imagine a world where you can dive into your music-making without interruption. QFX Color is a part of the Quick Effect (QFX One Series) plugins from 2B Played Music. Say goodbye to unnecessary distractions and complex panels – we’ve streamlined the experience, so your creative flow remains uninterrupted, letting you focus on what truly matters: making music that moves hearts.

  • Unlock Your Next Best Hit:

  • QFX Color isn’t just a plugin – it’s your shortcut to professional-grade filter effects that resonate with listeners. Elevate your tracks, enhance your creativity, and bring your musical ideas to life with the touch of a knob. The future of music production is here, and it’s vibrant, it’s dynamic, it’s QFX Color.

  • Get QFX Color Today:

  • Transform your sound and elevate your productions with the power of QFX Color. Your music deserves nothing less than the finest filters that add depth, color, and soul. Join the league of visionary producers who trust QFX Color to craft chart-topping hits.

System Support

▷ VST3 for Windows | AU and VST3 for macOS

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