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99 Sounds Release FREE Drum Player Plugin

Drumplayer is a free drum VST plugin. It features drum sounds from their 99 Drum Samples library.

Drumplayer includes twenty drum kits suitable for hip-hop, electronic, lo-fi, glitch, and experimental music. Each kit consists of fourteen sounds, including (but not limited to) kicks, snares, hi-hats, and percussion.

Drumplayer also features a 14-channel mixer with volume and stereo pan controls for each channel. The drums can be routed to AUX channels for additional processing in your digital audio workstation.


  • 20 drum kits (Analog, Commodore 64, Cassette 808, Cassette 909, Dub, Dubstep, 80s, Electro, Game Boy, Heat, Heavy, LoFi, Samplefino, Tech, Thrash, Toy, Trap, Vinyl, Analog Kicks, Bonus Kicks)

  • 14 drum channels (Kicks, Snares, Hi-hats, Percussion, Cymbals)

  • Multi-out support (per channel)

  • Volume/pan controls (per channel)

  • Effects (global)

  • Modulation (global)

  • Adjustable velocity curve

System Support

▷ 32-bit and 64-bit VST and AU plugin hosts on Windows and macOS.

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