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AAS Chromaphone 3 is currently on Sale!

Synbiosis is resident sound designer Daniel Stawczyk’s first sound pack for Chromaphone. A carefully crafted collection of 130 presets that truly exemplify what can be achieved when a sound designer works in unity with a synthesizer. A perfect symbiotic relationship between animalistic primal sounds and somber synthetic overtones. Synbiosis proposes a wide variety of arpeggios, dense and grainy strings, hi-fi glassy bells, fat and modern basses, and suspenseful pads ideal for a drama soundtrack. A very contemplative sound pack for serious documentaries, but also very creepy when played intensely. With it’s highly organic textures and wide variety of emotional sounds, Synbiosis will bring inspiration to your next cinematic endeavour.


Compatible with Chromaphone 3, Chromaphone 2, and the free AAS Player. Created with Chromaphone 2, but remastered for Chromaphone 3 with added performance macros.

Price : only $39 $9

System Support

▷ Requires AAS Player (Free—Included With Your Purchase)

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