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Acon Digital Releases Multiply as a FREE download.

Acon Digital Multiply is a free and versatile chorus effect with a unique twist. Each simulated voice is processed with a phase randomizing filter so that unpleasant comb filter effects are avoided. The effect can be used to simulate the effect of several performers playing the same tones simultaneously, to widen the spatial image or to create special effects for sound design. Multiply can simulate up to 6 additional voices and both the pitch and the loudness of the voices can be modulated. There is also an integrated equalizer consisting of low cut, low shelf, high shelf and high cut filters that can be applied to the effect signal. An integrated pre-delay section makes it possible to create modulated and diffuse echo effects.

Price : FREE

System Support

▷ Mac (64bit),Windows


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1 Comment

Jan 13

One of the best chorus modulation plugins I've ever come across. Holds its own even compared to the best paid ones ...!

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