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Acustica Audios FREE Plugin - Artic

Acustica-Audio is giving away a free plugin "Artic" this christmas !. Artic is a tool that fuses three different process, A Compressor, Limiter and a Distortion..

Arctic represents an Innovative Multi FX Acqua plugin (VST/VST3/AAX/AU) which combines a compressor (COMP), limiter (LIM) and distortion (SAT) in a single tool for your DAW. From smooth compression to hard limiting to extreme overdrive, Arctic allows you to find the perfect processing for your mix anywhere and makes your work much easier.

A single 'morphing' slider makes it easy to instantly understand how the three processes are being controlled and the 'fine-tuning' controls are for more accurate and detailed settings. Nothing could be simpler and more straightforward to get an homogenised sound and ‘bigger picture’ processing..

The compressor in Arctic features two detector circuits working simultaneously, both derived from different sampled units and enhanced by our Hyper tech, all within one single dynamics processor.

The first, a Peak-type detector, is characterised by fast attack-release times, to preserve and manage transients.

The second, the detector is derived from a slower compressor characterised by an RMS type detector, which has a natural but less snappy behaviour.

Log in to Aquarius, our free download manager for macOS and Windows, using your email and password.

Download the plugin in the desired format, and authorise it! Done!

Download Here 👇🏾


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