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Apricot a FREE Hybrid Synthesizer

Apricot is a free compact hybrid synthesizer with a massive sound.

Key features:

2 main oscillators, with 6 different subtractive waveforms, modulatable phase offset and panorama, with unison modeled off the JP8000's supersaw. There is also an additional third oscillator, with less parameters, intended for use as a sub-oscillator.

Sample layer. There are currently 44 factory samples, ranging across 10 categories. The user is also able to import their own samples.

2 mod envs and 2 LFOs, each with 2 dedicated modulation slots. There is also a modulation matrix with 8 additional modulation slots, for a total of 16. There are over 70 modulation destinations, and 10 modulation sources.

5 effects: reverb (with 4 selectable algorithms), ping-pong delay, stereo phaser, parameter EQ, and a distortion unit. The distortion contains Light, Soft, Middle and Hard algorithms closely modeled after the Access Virus, to achieve a distinctive asymmetric distortion. There are also 3 included wavefolding algorithms.

Arpeggiator and sequencer.

Multi-mode filter that can run in low-pass, band-pass or high-pass modes, at 12dB/oct or 24dB/oct. There is a resonance, key track and drive control. The drive can enhanced with a "warm" boost, which mixes in a subtly "inflated" signal.

Streamlined single page user interface with scaling ranging from 100% to 200%.

Over 90 builtin patches in the factory ROM bank, accessible from the patch browser.

Full support for the new CLAP plugin API.

No copy protection or DRM.

System Requirement

Windows 7 and later (requires 64-bit OS, but runs in 32-bit hosts)

macOS versions 10.14, 10.15, 11, 12 (Intel or Apple Silicon)

X11/Linux with a modern version of glibc Supported hosts

Download Here

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