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Apricot a New Free Synth From Nakst

Apricot is a Hybrid Synthesiser with 2 Main Oscillators and 6 Different Subtractive Waveforms with unison modelled of JP8000 Super-saw . There are Currently 44 Factory Samples with 10 Categories to choose from. You can also import your own wave samples.

Some of the other features include 2 Mod. Envelopes and 2 LFO each with 2 dedicated Modulation slots. you also get an arpeggiator and sequencer built-in. When it comes to built-in effects you get 5 effects ,Reverb, PingPong Delay , Stereo Phaser, a Parametric EQ and a Distortion Unit.

Apricot is completely free. It only supports Windows 64 Bit and a DAW that supports that platform.

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