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Audiolatry Releases FREE Retrogrit Lite

RetroGrit Lite is a free Retro Lofi virtual instrument plugin with 9 multi-sampled presets taken from the full version.

Apart from fewer presets, there is no other difference between the two versions – this free edition is 100% functional and royalty-free.

The GUI is easy to use and intuitive, featuring effect units and controls such as Chorus, Distortion, Cabinet, Delay, Reverb, LFO modulation, ADSR envelope, filter cutoff, etc.

RetroGrit Lite is aimed at Lofi Hip Hop, Retro Pop, Chillout, Ambient, IDM, Cinematic, Game Music, EDM, etc.


  • 102 MB extracted size / 90 MB download size

  • 9 multi-sampled presets

  • ADSR section

  • lowpass/highpass filter cutoff

  • LFO modulation section

  • voice mode & glide

  • velocity curve & MIDI velocity selectors

  • chorus module

  • distortion module

  • delay module

  • reverb module

  • cabinet module

  • global gain & pan

  • 100% royalty-free

System Support

macOS Mojave 10.14 to Ventura [VST2, VST3 or AU 64-bit host]

▷ Windows 8.1 64-bit to Windows 11 64-bit [VST2 or VST3 64-bit host]

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