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Avids Protools Intro - A free DAW

Avids Protools Intro is a Free Digital Audio Workstation from Avid. Pro Tools Intro provides eight audio, instrument, and MIDI tracks.You will also get AIR's Xpand2 in the free version which comes with more than 2500 Presets.

On top of Eight Audio, Instrument and MIDI Tracks you also get for AUX tracks. one Master Track, 4 Inputs and Outputs and Supports Sample rate upto 192Khz

These are the Included Plugins

Dynamics and EQ

Channel Strip Dynamics III Compressor/Limiter

Dynamics III De-Esser Dynamics III Expander/Gate

EQ III 1-Band EQ III 7-Band

Effects, Filters, and Emulators

D-Fi Lo-Fi D-Fi Recti-Fi

D-Fi Sci-Fi D-Fi Vari-Fi (AudioSuite only) SansAmp PSA-1

Reverb and Delay


Virtual Instruments and Loops

AIR Xpand!2

Audio Tools


Protools Intro also has AAX support which means that users can now use third-party plugins, as well as the 35 Avid plugins included with the download

I would highly encourage you to try this one out, even if you are another DAW user. Just try it out to get a feel for what it is to work with Protools.

Minimum System Requirements


Pro Tools Intro - M1 or Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor (i5 or faster recommended) with 8 GB RAM


Pro Tools Intro - 64-bit Intel® Core Processor (i3/2 Ghz or faster recommended) with 8 GB RAM

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