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Best of Rigid Audio Bundle is 98% Off at Plugin Boutique

This Bundle has 10 products in total 

Price $19 (Originally $950)

1.Acoustic Isolation

Acoustic Isolation delivers 200 ready-to-rock kits covering stunning sounding drum grooves and percussion loops as well as a huge range of pianos, strings, guitars and synthesizer loops.


Cinematrix delivers truly unique and inspiring sounds right out of the box.

It is a state-of-the-art cinematic loop module for Kontakt containing 350 different kits that can be played in tandem across four categories (Bass, Melody, Ambience and Groove).

3. Hypernode

Hypernode is the most feature-complete full production package for Kontakt ever made and entire songs can be made from scratch using the system in a variety of modern styles including Pop, Dance, Ambient, Chillout and Downtempo


Synferno is a cinematic loop and sound module containing 300 different kits that can be played in tandem across four categories: Bass, Synth, Ambient and Groove

5. Atheos

A massive and feature-rich time-stretching soundscape machine that comes with over 250 soundscapes and otherworldly textures.


Aquiver is filled to the brim with powerful, deep and soaring granular sounds. Aquiver is ideal for movie scoring, underscore and futuristic sound design. It features real-time recording of knob movements, an effects engine with bread-and-butter effects and a unique lock switch. It also comes with more than 1200 presets!


Viego is a collection of 256 huge cinematic pads and soundscapes.

Each instrument is a combination of sampled waveforms and wavetable synthesis.


Plethora is a state-of-the-art cinematic loop module that contains 350 different kits that can be played in tandem across four categories (Bass, Melody, Ambience and Groove).


Retrocade is inspired by the iconic sounds of the 80s and early 90s.

Analogue recordings faithfully recreated with the comforts of our time.

From catchy leads to soothing pads - Retrocade has it all!


424 "high-density” organic textures with four layers each.

The presets are categorized into organic, bright, complex, drone, evolving, huge, modulated, pad, soundscape and various.

You can control the density of each preset with a single knob!

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