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Bless audio Releases Abyss a FREE Plugin

Price : FREE

Discover Abyss, the latest plugin from Bless Audio, which will plunge your mixes into the unfathomable depths of sound. With its “DISTO” and “REVERB” modules, Abyss gives you the power to radically transform your tracks with rich distortions and enveloping reverbs. The "Drive" control allows precise harmonic saturation, while the "Mix" settings refine the balance between raw signal and effect. Each module has a “Style” button, opening the doors to a multitude of sound textures. Designed for the daring, Abyss is the perfect ally for those looking to breathe dimension and a mysterious atmosphere into their creations. Make room for the exceptional: add Abyss to your audio arsenal and give your productions a sonic signature that is out of the ordinary.

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