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Cube Mini by Lunacy Audio is FREE for a Limited Period of time .

Audio Plugin Deals is offering Lunacy Audios Cube Mini Free for a Limited Period of time.

CUBE is a 3D space for morphing between different samples. Each corner of the cube is a sound and you can use the orb in the middle to blend these sounds together. The closer the orb is to a corner, the louder the sound will be. Build your own orbits or choose from over 50 orbit motion paths for endless sound design possibilities.


▷ 35 Sound Sources ▷ 120 Presets ▷ Advanced Sample Editors ▷ FX Suite ▷ Randomization Algorithms ▷ Ability to load expansions

System Support

▷ MacOS 10.9+ AU / VST / AAX / Standalone (Native M1 Compatible

▷ Windows 7+ 64 bit VST / AAX / Standalone

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