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Drop Designer - A free Sample Based Instrument

Drop Designer from Skybox is a free sample based Instrument that works with the full version of Kontakt

Using it is pretty straight-forward and intuitive. Once you download the free software, you will need to sign up at Skybox. You are all set. It comes free with 50 one-shots and melodies from Hammers + Waves. It also supports a wide range of audio formats for you to use on the drop designer. So if you have a lot of old giga samples lying around, you can use them as well!

To start, just drag in a sample directly into the sampler. The drop designer will automatically detect the pitch and volume of the sample used. It will also auto-map to a useable range and to the correct key in your controller.

With the enticing big-knob you can browse thru various effect presets to get your creative ideas a start. Tweak lot more parameters like tuning, volume, speed, envelope settings. You also get an option to reverse samples and an option to use your sample as an One Shot

The V-knob enables to your get your samples sound more snappier by enhancing its Attack.

The Widen, Sub, Color, and an X/Y pad called Mutate can be use to further enhance and manipulate your sounds.

If you use the full version of Kontakt Player, I would recommend that you give it a try !

Download Size is around 164 MB.

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