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Elephant DSP's FREE Room Reverb

Room Reverb is an audio plugin that lets you add reverberation to your recordings in your digital audio workstation (DAW).

Nowadays, people often record in very "dry" places, which is good for editing the recording, but leads to an unnatural sound because the human ear is so used to reverberation. Room Reverb brings your recording back to life by adding the desired reverberation.

For the experts: Room Reverb uses the implementation of Moorer's early reflection model and Jon Dattorro's Progenitor Reverb from the Freeverb3 signal processing library.

Key features

Mono/stereo to stereo algorithmic reverb

Many presets from small rooms to very large rooms

Undo/redo and A/B comparison

Parameter lock to retain individual parameters when changing presets

Separate level controls for all reverb parts

Stereo width control

Resizeable user interface

Built-in explanation of all plugin parameters

Easy to set up and use

System Requirement

Windows 64 Bit [ VST3, LV2 or CLAP-compatible] , Mac OS 64 Bit [VST3, AU, LV2 or CLAP-compatible ], IOS, Linux 64 Bit


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