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Flandersh Tech's FREE Subtractive Synth

Substitute (VST3 64-bit) is your free substitute synthesizer for virtual analog needs. It features dual oscillators with dual analog style serial filters, effects and a modulation section that also may be used with other virtual instruments through its CV out connections. Connecting it to other virtual instruments, it is also able to sample a waveform and use it in the synth in the next moment.


Dual oscillator section with classical waveforms

Supports custom single-cycle waveforms and recording of single-cycle waveforms.

Topology preserving analog-style filters.

Extensive modulation capabilities through four envelopes and four LFOs, with CV out options for external instruments.

Creative effect section with different delays, waveshaper, compressor, reverb, special noise generator, ring modulation, FM, tone control, bit reduction and saturation amp.

Midi chord generator and classic arpeggiator.

System Support

Microsoft Windows 8.1 or later.

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