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Fractal Audio System Releases FREE Cab lab4

Cab Lab 4 is a free cabinet impulse response loader plugin. In the world of Fractal Audio’s industry-leading amp modeling, many musicians recognize the importance of Impulse Responses (“IRs”). IRs can be thought of as sonic “captures” – essentially the “frequency fingerprint” of a tone over time. Fractal Audio was the first to allow installable IRs in a guitar product to recreate the sound of a mic’d speaker cabinet, setting a new industry standard. Suddenly, guitarists could encapsulate the essence of a speaker cab in a portable format, enhancing both studio recording and live performance. Now, Cab-Lab 4 with DynaCab™ makes it quicker, easier, more intuitive, and fun to achieve great tone, allowing you to customize and mix IRs yourself.

For decades, guitarists and audio pros have carefully selected, positioned, and mixed microphones on guitar speakers in the pursuit of great tone. Now you can do the same, and it is easier than ever before. With Cab-Lab 4, you get a 4-channel IR mixer, plus tools to EQ, align, and more, so you can select, position, and mix mics while listening in real-time. Meanwhile, new DynaCab technology makes tone sculpting easier than ever, eliminating the need to sift through countless individual IRs. In fact, the DynaCab system in Cab-Lab 4 offers even more resolution and flexibility than our hardware products, with 360° of placement at variable distances, the possibility of additional microphone choices, and more. Best of all, Cab-Lab is now FREE!

Cab-Lab 4 supports our latest DynaCab Packs, as well as traditional single IRs — whether from Fractal Audio legacy cab packs or 3rd party producers. Cab-Lab gives you the tools you need to create your own signature tones—delivering the high quality results you have come to expect from Fractal Audio Systems.

System Support

▷ Requires OS X Version 10.9 or newer

▷ Requires Windows 10 or newer. (32-bit version for Windows 10 or newer: Version 1.00.00)

Price : FREE

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