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FREE Live Loops by Alive Loops

This pack contains a variety of loops that will get you going. Multiple drums, bass, keys and guitar loops from some of our first loop packs!

This pack contains some loops of the following packs:

  • “BRYAN- Funky Bass Crystals” (bass, Emin., Funk, 90bpm)

  • “Steve S – Funk It” (electric guitar, Gmaj., Funk, 90bpm)

  • “HRDY – 1870 Pianola” (piano, Fmin., Classical, 80bpm)

  • “Dr. Fill – Knights & Kings” (drums, Indie Pop, 106bpm

  • “Dr. Fill – Modern Disco” (drums, Disco, 106bpm)

  • “Dr. Fill – Silky Way” (drums, Soul, 100bpm)

Let these inspire you, play with it, experiment, use them in your productions and let us know what you think!

In case you fall in love with one or more of the products, know that these a just a few loops compared to the full version of the packs.

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